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Private Detective Ex-Police

Our detective skill sets and expertise can be applied to ANY angle of investigations from CRIMINAL to CIVIL to COMMERCIAL to INSURANCE to PRIVATE and MATRIMONIAL investigations in London Hertfordshire and Home Counties.


As highly qualified and experienced Herts and London PI's, we will have the talent and abilities to gather the proof or facts required by the client - surveillance is an art not a science!


Observations & Surveillance / Investigations

Utilising fully equipped surveillance vehicles, to obtain evidence and covert video footage, supported by full Logs and Reports of all events.


All our investigators & detectives are fully trained in the 'art' of surveillance, followed by the professional presentation of all evidence / information, gathered to the required standard of proof, as demanded that of a Crown Court.

Registry Searches

  • Company searches

  • Land Registry

  • Births, Deaths & Marriages

  • Bankruptcy

  • County Court Judgments




  • Tracing on a 'No Find No Fee' basis

Court Attendance

London, Hertfordshire & Home Counties Crown, Magistrates and County Court attendance for professional presentation of any evidence gathered or reporting of cases for Legal or Litigation purposes.


Verification & Investigation of Insurance Claims for London, Herts and surrounding Counties or districts.



Personal Injury


Our investigators gather evidence by the use of covert static and mobile surveillance, including the use of covert camera's and observation vehicles.   We ascertain and collect evidence on the current level of physical activity, mobility and apparent state or well being of individuals.


Submission of comprehensive reports, logs & video footage, usually in a DVD / Digital / SD Card Format.



Motor Vehicle Theft


Our Private Detectives and Investigators carry out interviews of claimants and produce full and signed written statements, including legal endorsement.  We examine all relevant documents, Driving Licence's, MOT etc and retain where necessary, including spare keys.


Our investigations include researching the circumstances surrounding the loss, visiting the scene, photographic evidence if appropriate and liaisons with Police / other investigating bodies.


Submission of full reports that include, conclusions as to the value of the loss, whether the claim is genuine, any breaches of insurance cover / clause and the possibility of recovery of the asset.



Theft & Burglary (Commercial or Residential)


Covering London, Herts & the Home Counties, our investigators carry out interviews where appropriate and produce a written statement from claimant.  This includes visits to the scene and stills or video where relevant, liaising with Police and investigating Officers.


We prepare and produce a full report including estimates of the value of the losses, if we believe claim is genuine, any breaches of insurance cover / clauses and possibility of recovery of property or assets.



Road Traffic Accidents


Accident Investigation and Sketch Plan Drawing, photographic stills and / or video of the scene and measurements - full locus by expert investigators in this field.



Our operatives provide fully typed witness statements from the claimant / independent witness, liaise with the Police and investigating Officer.   We produce full reports and conclusions from our investigations.

Please do contact us to discuss any investigation you may have



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