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Customer Reviews & Comments

V** from Hertfordshire ********.******** at 2147 on 19.06.2024 said;  Absolutely brilliant service, I wanted to find a process server who was trustworthy and I was recommended to here. They were clear, concise and delivered so quickly without any issues. Can’t recommend enough, thank you again for your help



Vally from London v.****@***.**.uk at 1604 on 20.05.2024 said;  My sincere gratitude to John for your excellent service on dealing with some difficult situations. Your service was fast and excellent.



Caroline from Hertfordshire caroline***** at 1333 on 03.03.2024 said;  I spoke to John with the intent of hiring him to help sort out a problem concerning my ex.  John advised me to go down an alternative route, effectively turning down a guaranteed fee.  He did not want to take money from me that would not get the result I was after.  A very honest ex police officer who does business with integrity.  Thank you John, for your honest and frank advice, I will do as you suggest. Many thanks.


Paul H from London paul******** at 2048 on 23.02.2024 said;  John, you and your team are very highly professional. With your input and intelligence you have helped us to recover over £3.5 million pound assets from a rogue estate agent. This has also saved us a huge amount of legal costs.  If there is anyway we can help you, please ask. You are kind, honest and professional.


Steve LS from Buntingford steve@*******.com at 1031on 09.02.2024 said;  As ever, John and his team provided discrete surveillance - this time of a former employee intent on causing our business harm. The information gathered helped our case against him, saving everybody reputational losses and legal costs. Highly recommended.


Steve H from Herts sh@****** at 2322 on 08.02.2024 said; John is very professional, explains everything as you go. Very patient, highly recommended.


Dan from Hertforshire dan****@****-**** at 1114 on 27.12.2023 said;  I needed to get a Stat Demand served in a fairly tight window due to the illusive nature of the person, i was passed John's details and made contact.  From first communication i knew i was in good hands, he is very knowledgable and provided advice on the process. It was allocated to one of his team and the demand was served within 24 hours of our communication.  Full statements of service provided extremely promptly. I can't recommend John and his team anymore - Top service!


Frances M from Hertfordshire frances***@*******.**.** at 1429 on 27.11.2023 said;  I was recommended P & D Investigations and their service was excellent. John and his team were professional and supportive at all times. I was kept up to date with my case and would definitely use them in the future. I would recommend their services.


Daniel W from 'Overseas' daniel********************* at 1315 in 25.11.2023 said: I contacted John Bateman regarding a specific issue.  He is very knowledgeable and gave me specific and actionable advice and I’m very grateful.


Boris M from London boris@************** at 1649 on 22.11.2023 said;  I highly recommend P&D Investigations, whom we hired to conduct a safety assessment and provide security-related advisory services. Their extensive knowledge in the field, coupled with a friendly and approachable demeanour, made the entire experience not only productive but also surprisingly pleasant.


The consultant went above and beyond to address our concerns, providing thorough insights and actionable recommendations that significantly bolstered our security measures. Their ability to alleviate our fears and instil confidence through a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter was truly commendable. We are grateful for their expertise and would enthusiastically engage their services again in the future.


Mark B from Scotland mark******@***.** at 1329 on 04.10.2023 said;  John and his team did a fantastic job fulfilling our brief. It was not straightforward and he went above and beyond to ensure we could have a positive outcome. This is the second time I have used John and he has delivered every time. A good professional service that is carried out in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to use him and his team again.


Peter B from London p*********** at 1703 on 27.09.2023 said Very good service. Kept me fully informed of the developments.


Amanda B. from Malawi amanda******** at 0926 on 25.08.2023 said;  John found a solution for me to serve legal papers in Sierra Leone, which was proving difficult for me to do alone. John followed up to ensure the process was done in accordance with UK court requirements and on time. I’m very grateful for his support.


Barry from barry.howard@****************.com at 1713 on 28.07.2023 said;  Dear John Many thanks for your work in finding my Ancestry and biological family. Lead by you, your team excellently expedited hundreds of documents and found a veritable litany of information about my past biological family. Here in the UK and as far as Australia, no stone was too tough to turn. The end result for me has been very successful and I am regularly

communicating with the people and family you found for me. A huge thanks. Barry Howard.

P&D wrote; Thank you Barry and anyone reading your Review, will not be aware of the total tragedy behind it!!  It is amazing when you start digging on something from circa 50 years ago, how much is out there.  Good luck moving forward  - you deserve it - and just one final bit on the Australian side, to finish off now.


Phil from Liverpool phil@************* at 1412 on 10.05.2023 said;  We cannot thank John and his team enough for locating our long lost relative. His firm came highly recommended by a very large firm of solicitors, and from the very first meeting we felt comfortable and reassured that John would do all he could to help solve our problem.


His communication was excellent, his approach and manner is professional and caring and his knowledge, database of contacts and ability is second to none. John will be a friend for life and we will never be able to thank him enough for what he’s achieved for us. I dont think it will come as any surprise that we would highly recommend his services!”


P&D wrote; Much appreciated Phil.  One of the trickiest inquiries to try and positive result, we have ever had, along with the added pressure of what was at stake.  Thrilled that we got there in the end and even more delighted with what it subsequnetly brought about, for you and others.




Earl F from Hertfordshire earl****** at 1210 on 22.04.2023 said;  Excellent and quick service, all done professionally and discreetly. Highly recommended.




Martin G of HCC in Hertfordshire gmartin****@*****.com at 1630 on 20.04.2023 said:  Timely and efficient service from P&D Investigations, in all process serving and tracing instructions for civil matters.  Would recommend. 




Lehna GARDINER of Raydens Solicitors St Albans *** at 1705 on 13.04.2023 said;  As a family solicitor dealing with divorce, financial remedy and children cases, I have used John Bateman's services on a number of occasions to serve papers both within the jurisdiction and abroad. I have always found John to be helpful and efficient, and service has been successful on every matter that I have instructed him on. Thank you John.


P&D wrote; Thank you Lehna, we go back a long way and we are always grateful of your very professional 'business to business' instructions, along with those from the other solicitors at your well regarded practice!




Ana from London ********************.com, at 1624 on 27.03.2023 said;  John is efficient and completed my enquiry quickly.  This is the second time I have used his expertise on family issues.  I would recommend John.  Don’t be feared to contact him as it really is very simple and straightforward.  My advice, just jump in with both feet. 🥾🥾




Joao P from London at j********************, at 1235 on 23.03.2023 said;  Very efficient and professional service.  I do reccomend.




Anne-Marie from London at annemarie**.***@yahoo, at 1451 on 08.03.2023 said; 


By far the best investigator I’ve spoken to.  He was straight up and honest about what he could deliver and the limitations with my specific situation - and seemed more concerned with genuinely helping me, than trying to get money out of me.  Will be using John in the future if needed for sure!


P&D wrote; Difficult one and apprecaite your kind words - we have our fingers crossed that our advice works out.  We loathe the thought of suggesting Fees to a potential client, when we KNOW that the chances of achieving anything for them, are so low!  All the best. 




John McLINDEN KC from London john*******@**********.com at 1408 on 28.02.2023 said; 


For years John Bateman of Private & Discreet Investigators Limited has been my go-to recommendation for confidential investigations.   Lawyers need an investigator to be resolute, resourceful, imaginative, professional, and to have integrity and to charge realistically.


Time and time again John has demonstrated exceptional skill in executing his instructions, which have included location of debtors/witnesses/intended defendants, document service, witness interviewing and evidence gathering. At least one of these matters involved an extremely sensitive situation, in which to achieve the objective where others had failed, the greatest care, tact and delicacy had to be exercised by John and his operatives.  It was a very impressive display of his and their expertise.




Marc E from London marc@******** at 2003 on 06.02.2023 said;  I was referred to P&D investigations by my solicitor.  From the first contact with them, I found P&D to be excellent. Efficient, friendly, good value for money and most importantly they got the job done quickly and with no fuss.  Highly recommended.




KD from Kent ******.******* at 1921 on 24.01.2023 said:  I approached John in relation to a very sensitive subject involving a previous offence against me.


John was outstanding at understanding my concerns and worries and carried out the investigation with care, consideration and thoughtfulness, providing me with all the accurate information I had asked for and more.


As an ex detective he had extensive knowledge on the subject and provided consistent contact and reassurance, ensuring that every lead was investigated and provided me with all the information I needed at a very reasonable cost.


I have used two previous private investigators and I can honestly say John provided what others could not, ultimately providing me with closure on my traumatic history. Thank you so much John.


P&D wrote;  Tough subject, tough job and thrilled with the eventual result, so KD your superb review is very much appreciated and well worth all the extra effort that we put in!




John H****** from Coventry ******properties@*****.com at 1930 on 06.01.2023 said;  Thank you for finding my run away tenants so quickly and getting the Court papers served without any fuss.


Despite having a Possession Order for £18,000 I doubt I will ever get the money but the tenants, with the possibility of a prison sentence hanging over them, might think twice before doing this again.  Your work was efficient, directly to the point and brought results.  What more would anyone want; I have no hesitation in recommending you.


P&D wrote; Thank you John and good luck with the pursuit off the monies rightfully owed to you.




H from Scotland******* at 1155 on 23.12.2022 at 1545 hours said;  Sensitive family problem resolved in less than 48 hours from first contact with John.  Exceptional service and very professional.  He displayed a sensitive and courteous manner throughout, Highly recommended


P&D wrote;  Thank you H and sorry about the bad news!




Eric M from Bucks eric******* on 17.12.2022 at 1625 hours said;  My first venture into the world of Private Investigators and I struck lucky in selecting P & D Investigations Ltd.


From the initial contact to the satisfactory conclusion of the task, I found nothing but courtesy, professionalism, discretion and good communication from John and his team. He absorbs a brief easily and has a style that is both reassuring and supportive.


Thank you John, and your team. A job very well done.


P&D wrote;  A challenging assignment and one always need a little luck - really pleased that the answers were eventually reached.  Appreciate your kind words.




Miss NCB from London ******** on 5.12.2022 at 1513 hours said; John and his team are highly professional in what they do, and have the ability to communicate in a personable, sensitive and kind way. They are quick to respond to all queries, remaining on call throughout the job. John goes above and beyond his job description, offering advice and experience where needed. I appreciated their help greatly and highly recommend this company.


P&D wrote;  Thank you NCB - a tough job, which you dealt with extremely well under very trying and difficult circumstances!




Georgia from London ?*****g****** on 15.11.2022 at 2025 hours said;  I would like to say a big big thank you to John for his help. Through his professionalism, understanding and caring manner, he really helped me with a situation where I was unsure what to do and what steps to take.


P&D wrote;  Thank you Georgia and we really hope that the police pull their fingers out, although we have our doubts & fears but then you have that same reality to it.  Good luck with moving foward, against what must have been a very nasty and frightening experience / crime!




John A from Colombia f********* on 7.11.2022 said; Top class professional services using the utmost discretion. Unrivaled service. Highly recommended. 


P&D wrote; Thank you JA and glad we cracked it at the first attempt!




Ram from the USA ram*********@hotmail.**** on 19.10.2022 at 0821 said;   I'd like to thank John for his help with tracing a family member. It was a delicate family situation and my being in the US made it more challenging. John got on the case immediately, answered all my questions, and maintained great communication throughout. He not only traced the family member quickly, but also went out of his way to reach out to them on my behalf. He is good at what he does--more importantly, he understands the situation and what it means to a customer. I look forward to working with John again!


P&D wrote;  Thank you Ram and we realize how distressing this was for you and your family!




Ryan **** from London ryan******@**.*** on 08.09.2022 at 1420 said;  John Bateman was really helpful, generous with his time and helped us get to the next stage of our investigations. Highly recommended.


P&D wrote; Thank you Ryan and please do keep us updated?



D***** from London k******@hotmail.*** on 07.09.2022 at 2156 said;  Unlike a few providers I called earlier, John was friendly, patient and knowledgeable from the initial telephone inquiry throughout. The task he was asked to help with was completed in a few hours and he went out of his way to provide not only the exact information requested, but additional valuable advice of ways to make sure I use the information in a safe and useful way. His service charge was very cost effective. I will definitely get back to him should I need any further support. Thanks a lot, John


P&D wrote;  Thank you sir and good luck with it all!



Hazel from West Yorkshire (Commercial matter) hazel.*****@***** on 06.09.2022 at 1047 said;  Excellent service, with an understanding of the business needs. Very thorough investigation with clear images, videos and report. Communication throughout the exercise was good enabling decisions to be made.


P&D wrote;  Thank you Hazel and we were thrilled with the evidence we obtained on your behalf, on what was a tricky location for surveillance!!  The photos & videos attained, should turn the litigation in your favour and / or get the false claim to be retracted.  Kind regards.




DW from Greater London ******** on 01.09.2022 at 1404 said: I would 100% recommend this company!  John and his team responded speedily and professionally.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again myself, if I needed assistance. Thanks for a great job!




Family in East Herts p****_s******0g@******.com on 30.07.2022 at 1107 said John listened and understood our family issue.  We agreed a course of action and this was undertaken with the upmost professionalism and discretion, whilst maintaining very good communication through the process.




Oliver WINTERS from Central Law CIC oliver.winters@************.**** on 25.07.2022 at 0953 said;

We have used P&D Investigations to effect personal service on two occasions and they have been quick, efficient and competitively priced. We will be coming back to them for all of our service and investigation needs.


P&D wrote; Thank you Oliver, we really appreciate your instructions and from Central Law - you guys run a very decent show and a fair fee structure to your clients, in a tough market where many solicitors are SO expensive.  All the best and much appreciated.




Neil S from Essex neil******* on 20.07.2022 at 17.52 said; This is the second time I have needed the services of P & D investigations Ltd. 


This company has the amazing ability to deal with what can be a very stressful situation to the individual in the most calming of manners. They get the job done in a no fuss approach always professional keeping you updated along the way.

Thanks again  Neil Saville




Neil S from Essex neil******* on 17.07.2022 at 14.55 said; This company are first class. Fast efficient informative.  Would highly recommend.




VC from ***** ********* on 29.05.2022 at 22.12 *****-****** said; Very good job. Got the closure I wanted!  




Beebee Q from Wales on 25.04.2022 at 1308 q***** said;  Following the unexpected death of my estranged husband, my solicitor put me in touch with John and his team.  Both John and Tom handled my husband’s affairs discreetly and professionally


They acted straight away when the request was made to secure my husband’s flat, changing locks etc. and were present but discreet when my children visited the house, mindful not to cause upset and giving them enough space to grieve.


I would recommend John and his team, they kept me informed of what they did at all times during their investigations and even finding companies that could empty the flat out.


Despite their obvious professionalism, my later discussions with them showed me the human side to them, i.e that this assignment was not just a job, and that we as customers are important.

Thank you John and Tom for your understanding in this difficult time for us.


P&D wrote; Thank you Beebee and so sorry for your loss, especially still being a relatively young man!  Appreciate your detailed review & do take care.




H from Hertfordshire on 24.04.2022 at 1224 h************@*****.com said P&D investigations gave me great, sound & grounded advice at a very difficult time in my life. They offered a range of services with no financial pressure to follow through instead, giving me the best option for my situation. As well as business advice I was touched by their regular check ins with me on my situation. They went above and beyond what I would ever have expected. I looked into other companies who very money focused. If I ever needed their services again I will head straight here. I highly recommend them.


P&D wrote;  Thank you H and all the very best




Charles P on 23.03.2022 at 0948AM charlesp*****@****.com said, I would like to thank John for his expert advice, he was honest in his review of our dilemma coming back very quickly with cost estimates and analogy.


On this occasion we were, due to forces outside our control, unable to use John but he was empathetic and did not charge us on this occasion.  We will use P&D if circumstances change and whole heartedly recommend P&D Investigations Limited.


Thank you Charles & we always accept that some inquiries, after advice and discussions, do not reach an Invoicing stage but please do come back if circumstances change?



April F on 07.03.2022 at 1412PM enfield@*************.*** said, I would like to say thank you for your excellent, very swift and professional service into Phone Forsenics. We would recommend your services to others.


Thank you April and all the best!



Margaret from Taylor Walton Solicitors on 02.03.2022 at 1830PM ************ said;  An unusual situation regarding service of documents abroad. John came back very quickly with a contact, arranged service of the documents and prepared the paperwork proving service. Done and dusted within 3 days. Actual service within 36 hours. The quote was very reasonable. Other companies had quoted 3 times as much and it would take them up to two weeks. Thank you John, looking forward to working with you again.


Thank you Margaret, your Review & appreciation is important to us!



Jay from Derbyshire on 11.02.2022 at 1530PM ********derbyshire@*****.com said;  I contacted John about a civil matter, where I needed to locate a third party quickly.  His response speed was phenomenal, his attention to detail superb and the resulting report accurate.  Most of all, I appreciated his calm, no-nonsense yet supportive attitude. I think he is a person of integrity who can be trusted to do his best.  His fee, whilst not insubstantial, represented, in my opinion, money well spent!


Glad we cracked it for you Jay!



Mrs C from Hertfordshire on 08.02.2022 at 1050AM *************@*******.com said;  John gave helpful advice and was very efficient and consultative regarding a sensitive matter. Prompt communications from him and his team and professional throughout. He was very approachable and pleasant to interact with, showing great empathy - no hesitation in recommending. Thank you!



TS on 27.01.2022 at 20.28PM ghillies-****@********.com said: Thank you for your helpand advice. Friendly and considerate service. Would recommend and use again should I need to.  T



Clare WHEELER on 24.01.2022 at 16.56 PM clare.wheeler@***********.com said;  Professional, effective and reliable service. Acted swiftly on instruction and solved the issue with minimum of fuss. Would recommend without hesitation.


P&D Investigations Limited wrote;  Thank you Clare.  Dishonesty in a place of work by an employee, always leaves a bad taste and it is so disappointing when the Police will not take on a matter, where with some sensible investigations, a suspect can be readily identified.  Excellent result for you and a very satisfying one for us, with some proper detective work!!



'Lisa' in Germany on 23.01.2022 at 8.26PM lisa.s****h*** said; John and his team are really great! I contacted him on different occassions regarding my husband's infidelity and he was always very reliable and helped me out, even on short notice. I can definitely recommend. Thank you again!



Martin COOK from Leighton Buzzard on 19.01.2022 at 10.51AM martincook*** said; P&D have carried out work for my company, they have always been professional, courteous and have completed our work always to my satisfaction and expectations. Would highly recommend John and his team!



Lisa from Texas USA on 15.01.2022 at 6.33PM twitter******@run***.com said; So grateful for John and his team who closely held my hand through my investigation of my husband’s affair. Not only is John a true professional, he is extremely strategic, detailed, communicative throughout the whole investigation, but also a sympathetic ear who cares about his clients. Thank you!


P&D Investigations Limited wrote; Thanks 'Lisa' and to be fair you were very helpful yourself, despite the exceptionally stressful situation you were in!  The bad news was tough to take but you remained extremely determined, which we admired - good luck as it all unfolds.



Gareth R from Thailand on 06.01.2022 at 0104 AM gareth*****@*****.com said;  I was introduced to John's service by a solicitor to get documents served in relation to a large debt. John's expertise and knowledge throughout the process was excellent, professional and timely. I highly recommend this service and will definitely be using it again if the need arises.


P&D Investigations Limited wrote; Thanks Gareth & hope you get the money that is owed to you, back from the Debtor!



M from Birmingham on 29.12.2021 at 1158 AM t****l@hot****.**.*** wrote;  First class service from start to finish. With top quality, speedy results from John & Dave and their operatives who are great Thank you all so much. Even when things changed at the last minute these guy's were completely capable and incontrol of the challenges this though up due to there forward planning and knowledge. They all really care about what they do. This really shows in there passion, determination, professionalism and communication every step of the way. To do an excellent job right from the start to the end I definitely have no hesitation to recommend.


P&D Investigations Limited wrote; Thanks M, a very tricky matter and our colleague Dave got an excellent result to which we were thrilled especially as we believe this was yet another example of the Police showing no inerest, in what was clearly a matter that had alarm bells ringing!!




V from Hertford on 13.12.2021 at 1015AM v******@****said, P&D Investigations Limited were very discreet with a Bug Sweep and the subsequent equipment they advised on and supplied, which gave me some answers.  All very difficult, during which John was very sympathetic and always contactable.  Because of the delicate nature of my situation, it is hard to leave an open or transparent Review but thank you John / P&D.




Charlotte A from Mill Hill on 01.12.2021 at 0930AM c*********@***** said, I asked P&D Investigations Limited to do a Bug Sweep AND change all the Locks in my house and from there, they also put up a 6 Camera CCTV System for me.  They did an excellent job on ALL three parts, which gave me huge peace of mind.  I could speak to John at any time and I thank him and his team for doing a fanatastic, 5 star job.  For sure I would recommend them!  Many thanks.  CA



Steve L-S said on 15.11.2021 at 1126AM steve@*******.com  Thanks John & team for your advice

and helping me locate distant relatives and next of kin. Your extremely efficient contact at all times enabled us to get a prompt resolution to our issues. I’d thoroughly recommend you to anyone who needs help finding distant or deceased relatives or other persons using fully disclosable and legal methods. Thanks again.


P&D Investigations Limited wrote; Thanks Steve and all rather sad / difficult circumstances!



J Harding said on 31.10.2021 at 1918PM  j******@m******  Excellent service, John exceeded my expectations. Everything handled with both discretion and diplomacy, as well as with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Very highly recommended and would use again!


P&D Investigations Limited wrote; JH thank you for your Review, we were thrilled that you got your property back.  The right and proper result on what looked a very tricky matter to conclude in your favour!!  Appreciate you are still out of pocket but at least Phase 2 is in your hands now? ATB


Jon in Australia said 12.10.2021 at 0214 AM jon@***********  I found John Bateman to very clear and helpful.  Thank you Jon & always tough to deal with, when you are physically so far away from where the problem is.  Good luck!!  JB



M in the USA said on 29.08.2021 at 2257 PM lucky**@******.com  I did not end up using this service due to personal circumstances suddenly changing, however during the consultation I was impressed with this team’s quick action and professionalism and could tell this was a skilled and sophisticated Detective Agency.



Stephen C said on 26.08.2021 at 1416 PM **************  John and his team have been great - really appreciated their help and that John kept me in the picture at each step of the way - we got a result and I am very grateful - I would highly recommend P&D Investigations!



M in Sweden said on 06.08.2021 at 1308 PM st*********  John is solid and helped me in the best possible way with my case, I got in touch with John after being overcharged by another detective company, that did not deliver.



MW said on 20.07.2021 at 1239 PM m*****w*******@gmail.***** Helpful, approachable and responsive. Recommended.

P&D Investigations Limited wrote; MW we are really sorry that it was such sad news and luckily within our personal knowledge - thank you for your kind comments & ATB


Debbie B said on 13.07.2021 at 1439 PM d*****.b********

Thank you John and P & D for your very professional and ethical service. We found you to be very knowledgeable, thorough and gave helpful advice. We definitely highly recommend P & D.



Judith B said on 07.07.2021 at 2043 PM j********

Thanks John, your professional advice was a great help to us.




Mrs F said on 26.06.2021 at 1014 AM t****.********

John was recommended by my solicitor, which i have to say gave me some initial confidence in his company.  It wasn't a good feeling approaching an investigator, just by the very nature of the business.  I was nervous and apprehensive, but was met with genuine empathy, consideration and assurance.  John was utterly professional and honest.


I listened to his advice and eventually took it and it was the best advice with the best outcome. Every phone call every question every concern was always answered and considered.  Absolutely every penny was well spent and earned. Bitter Sweet Pill i know ..but dare i say, i now have an element of " peace of mind ".



Thank you John for your patience, understanding and professionalism.

P&D Investigations Ltd wrote;  Dear Mrs F, what a lovely, heartfelt & sincere review – thank you!!  We are SO pleased that you ‘won’ - do keep us updated and speak if you need anything else



Martin P said on 17.06.2021 at 1017 AM d*****

First time using John's services and am very impressed. We had a detailed chat on my enquiry and where I was looking for help. John understood and kept me updated as he found new information, which ultimately led to a successful conclusion. Many thanks for your fast and efficient service.



DE said on 28.04.2021 at 12.28 PM

As the UK Subsidiary of a Global, Listed Business John & his Team provided a thoroughly professional and discrete service for us culminating in "Police-ready" evidence. Highly recommended.


Thank you DE and it is SO SO frustarting that you (and us) have been let down, big time, by the police, in their failure to investigate the matter properly!! (or should we say at all?)


Jane G said 19.01.2021 at 0801 AM - Wow what can I say! I would use John again if needed, no question. After 2 days of first contacting him he provided me with what I asked for. He is easy to talk to offers fantastic advice and basically gets the job done.  A great sense of humour along the way makes for easy and funny conversation. Thanks John you are a top bloke.


 YA said on 26.09.2020 at 1704 PM - Thank you for getting the information I needed quickly and efficiently. This helped with my case. Highly recommended


Ema W on 09.08.2020 at 0740 a.m. - "When you don't have the know-how and skills to get information quickly I suggest you try John Bateman. He could save you time better spent getting on with your life and was professional and a pleasure to deal with. Money well spent! I would use again, no question!"

Bex F on 09.06.2020 at 1339 PM said -  John and his team have been a breath of fresh air over the past year.  Thank you Bex and good luck with it all!


Phil B on 22.05.2020 at 0948 am said - John was extremely helpful and knowledgable. He was extremely supportive in helping me with his extensive experience


Katerina G on 21.01.2020 at 0546 am said - Extremely and efficient service without delay.  Highly Recommend


Malcolm S on 08.01.2020 at 0931 am said - "John offers good sound advice backed up by responsive assistance when possible. I thoroughly recommend him.


Jainavedd on 09.10.2019 at 0821 am said - "Thank you for your quick reply snd honest guidance. Even though he couldn't take my case on.


Simon Costa on 18.09.2019 at 0556 am said - "John was recommended to me and gave me sound advice; he is very pleasant to deal with.


Nicky H on 18.08.2019 at 0956 am said - "John was recommended to us by our solicitor. He gave an extremely prompt service would not hesitate to recommend him and will most definitely use again when required."


AR said on Jul 31, 2019 0:48 AM

I was recommended John by another company. I was thoroughly impressed by his professional, upfront and honest approach. This was extremely refreshing, as I had spoken to a number of companies already. John was direct, very responsive (easy to contact and get hold of), genuinely helpful and had some helpful suggestions. He really inspires confidence and I really appreciated his efforts to help in a difficult situation. I would highly recommend his services and genuine approach.


Crane & Staples Solicitors said on Jul 23, 2019 4:21 PM

We have used P&D Investigations for many years now - to support both our Family and Dispute Resolution departments. John and his team are always very responsive, thorough in what they do and provide a first class service which is always reasonably priced. We are happy to recommend them.

Alexandra Kingsley said on Jul 22, 2019 9:46 PM

John was absolutely incredible and efficient from the first minute we met going above and beyond what I expected him to do and offering useful advice to help me in my mission. John gives a very personal approach which means that it is a real pleasure to work with him. Thank you so much John!

Shantel said on Jun 14, 2019 9:44 PM

I have been very impressed with John. He was quick and speedy with all emails. He has done such a great job to the extent I have used him on two of my cases.

Anonymous said on May 2, 2019 6:44 PM

John carried out a rather sensitive and complicated investigation with diligence and professionalism. He kept me updated throughout and I would highly recommend him to others without hesitation.

Liz Grieve said on Mar 26, 2019 0:08 AM

John and his team have worked really hard in helping me to locate my son. Without their input and sometimes daily contact with me, I can confidently say that he would have not been found. John is very knowledgable, and so easy to talk to. The service is extremely cost effective, and I have no hesitation in giving a 5* rating. Thank you for everything.

H Clark said on Jan 22, 2019 0:04 AM

John was professional, helpful and fast. He was sympathetic and in addition to providing the information I asked for, gave me good advice. I would recommend John and his associates anytime. I will definitely return and am incredibly grateful.

Anonymous said on Jan 4, 2019 10:47 PM

Professional and swift service; highly recommended

Christian said on Jan 4, 2019 8:39 PM

Fast, efficient, professional and helpful. Do not hesitate to contact.

Jacqui said on Dec 9, 2018 8:24 PM

John got exactly what I needed for court and I won! He kept me updated every step of the way and the report was done quickly for evidence. Thank you

Thank you Jacqui and hope your Case went well?

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