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Private Detectives - a brief history.








The term Private Detective or Private Investigator, has been around since Victorian Times and as the UK Police, let us say sadly become say "less effective" / the quality of Service provided by them becomes poorer, then the need to engage a Detective Agency or a PI has become more prevalent.  Equally the PI has always offered Services outside the remit of the Police, especially in aspects of the 'cheating partner'.

Established in 1994, P&D Investigations Limited specialize in Matrimonial, Commercial, Insurance & Criminal investigations, where we regularly gather evidence to the standard where it can be presented to the acting Solicitor for their litigation or various authorities and / or facilitate a criminal investigation and / or subsequent prosecution.

The field of a GOOD Private Detective is now immense and we embrace over 40 categories within our List of Services although the table is almost endless, with TRACING being very popular.  This requires special skills to find a current address for a subject or business!  This has to be done for a lawful reason and carried out within Legal & GDPR restraints but we do not reveal our trade secrets, other than to say it is very difficult to now for the subject to be traced NOT to leave a ‘foot print’, in the modern world.

Alas the Private Investigator market is now flooded with companies and some remain quite ordinary in their abilities & skills.  Even boasting covering areas, which obviously they do NOT.  Thus it is vital that a client ensures that the PI holds the right qualifications, experience and Memberships like the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) or Ex Police in Commerce (EPIC).


The Private Detective's reputation has been tarnished with events such as Phone Hacking and Newspaper scandals but P&D Investigations Limited prides itself in its very professional background, approach and over 28 years in the profession alone, aside from our police experience.  The world has become smaller and the availability of information is now vast - we always encourage our clients to try and carry out their own research and 'digging' before utilizing us but like any profession, you cannot beat the help of the expert!  Surveillance is an art not a science.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best service in the industry, throughout Hertfordshire - London - the Home Counties, and beyond!!  John Bateman (mipi)

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